Take A Ride To Norwich And Meet Living Art

My art is my life – my life is my art.

If you find my work interesting, are looking for an inspiration, or simply want someone to talk to – I’m always here in Norwich.

I hold an open door policy in my studio – it came off it’s hinges a few months ago and I’ve yet to afford to pay a decent carpenter to fix it. As a result of the lax security, I’ve taken the decision to sleep with all my art.

Come and visit me in Norwich, and we can take it in shifts to take watch, so the bin men don’t take everything that I hold dear.

Prices for Visitations are as follows:-

Meet & Greet – £30

An hour-long session with yours truly begins at the train station, where I will greet you and receive payment. After buying me a Meal Deal and a pack of Jam Doughnuts, we’ll saunter through town towards Greggs where you will buy me 3 Steak Bakes.

Tired and exhausted from your exhilarating day out with your idol, you will happily step back on to your train, after an hour in my company, and go home.

Overnight Stay – £60

After finding me in The Nag’s Head at around 6pm, you will pay me in full and then buy me 5 pints of Fosters Lager. Once I have consumed these beverages, we will return to the studio, where you will take first watch over the art.

 At 8am, I will awaken to find food and take over watch, you will then sleep until 3pm. After waking you will make your own way back to the train station.

Special Weekend Trip – £300

The premium package, combining both previous offers plus more! Buy me Meal Deals, doughnuts, Steak Bakes, pints and dinner out! A once in a lifetime chance to spend quality time with a real life artist.


Weekend begins at 5pm at train station where you will purchase me food and alcoholic beverages. Refusing to purchase me sustenance will result in the termination of our contract. For an extra £5 p/h I will pretend to find you interesting.

All package deals are subject to prior arrangement and may be cancelled by the artist at any time.

Send me an message, using the box below, to put a booking in for your Art-filled experience!