Delve into the dark heart of Norfolk and FIND ME.


My studio can be found at the centre of all things – lost in the nether – between light, death and the dark life around it. Hop off the A47 and follow signs for Norwich City Centre.

Trapped inside a lost shell of innocence, I ply my trade with fervour and industry – lost in darkness and cloudy dreams of wakefulness. Pass The Nag’s Head on Great James Street and talk to Jim, he’ll show you the way.

Losing  ground to greater men than I, lagging back in the race to achieve better things Рyou will find me in the dark and grime. Please be aware that the workshop is full of unique items, that could leave marks or stains on your clothes.

With grief and pain, I try in vain to hawk my wares – parting with the very unique items that I have poured every fibre of my being into. There are pieces for sale, if you’d like to buy them, just ask if you see anything you like!